Power Profitable Pricing With Instant Competitor Data You Can Trust

Never again sacrifice margins just to stay competitive. Preserve
your bottom line with our AI competitor price monitoring and
retail price optimization suite.

Quality competitive intelligence
meets powerful pricing management

Keep tabs on pricing changes

Monitor competition with real-time data from multiple sites and for 10+ million products, and custom triggers and alerts

Plan for every outcome with an output simulator for business scenarios and application use cases

Drive and improve decisioning with data with in-built insights, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

React faster with better pricing

Optimize pricing with algorithms that account for historical
data, competitor pricing, demand elasticity, and market trends

Set your own pricing rules and goals and get a tailored pricing strategy that’s right for your business

Get accurate insights from ML-models trained on top-notch retail data and tested for performance

Powerful & Personalized Pricing

Scale up your pricing game

Manage pricing across millions of SKUs within hundreds of categories with scaled pricing algorithms

Get full control of your pricing strategies and drive adoption
with intuitive, self-serve software

Minimize disruption and accelerate adoption with smooth
and secure integration with your existing tech stack

10mn+ Products

Automated scraping and crawling
of millions of products across
multiple websites

95%+ Accuracy

Advanced ML and image
recognition tools for accurate
and reliable product matches

1s+ Refresh Rates

Custom crawling refresh rates to
help you stay on top of competitor
pricing and move fast

The ability of the solution to create fuzzy mappings through sophisticated algorithms &
produce multiple crawls per day, have been key in us meeting our targets in a highly
competitive environment.

- Vice President

Advanced ML algorithms

Our sophisticated ML models are trained on quality data, giving you reliable and actionable insights for better decisioning

Customizable solution

FCC is incredibly customizable, empowering category-wise planning and multi-channel sales with tools tailored to your needs

Fast and easy integration

Integrating the platform with your online retail store and offline warehousing software is as simple and secure as it gets

Self-serve architecture

Our self-serve software with drag and drop functionalities is intuitive and easy to use, driving greater adoption within your teams

Built for retailers, by retailers

Flipkart’s retail tech solutions are the outcome of leading India’s 

eCommerce market for 15+ years.


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Stay a Step Ahead of Competition With

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