Improve Your Top and Bottom Line with Smarter, Faster Dynamic Pricing

Built for retailers, by retailers

Flipkart’s retail tech solutions are the outcome of leading India’s 

eCommerce market for 15+ years.


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Set the right price, every time
and at any scale

CI for brands dashboards

Pricing that matches your goals

Set your own pricing rules and goals and get a tailored pricing strategy that’s right for your business

Optimize pricing with algorithms that account for historical data, competitor pricing, demand elasticity, and market trends

Get accurate insights from ML-models trained on top-notch retail data and tested for performance

Intelligence you can count on

Monitor competition with real-time data from multiple sites
and for 10+ million products, and custom triggers and alerts

Plan for every outcome with an output simulator for business
scenarios and application use cases

Drive and improve decisioning with data with in-built insights, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

Competitive Insights for Greater Opportunity
CI for brands dashboards

Software that grows with you

Manage pricing across millions of SKUs within hundreds of categories with scaled pricing algorithms

Get full control of your pricing strategies and drive adoption with intuitive, self-serve software

Minimize disruption and accelerate adoption with a smooth and secure integration with your existing tech stack

10%+ Revenue Uplift

Our customers see a 5 to 10% topline increase and 7 to 15% bottomline improvement

95%+ Accuracy

The Dynamic Pricing Engine accurately predicts pricing strategy outcomes
for better decisioning

1s+ Refresh Rates

Customizable crawling refresh rates help you stay on top of competitor pricing and move fast

The ability of the solution to create fuzzy mappings through sophisticated algorithms &
produce multiple crawls per day, have been key in us meeting our targets in a highly
competitive environment.

- Vice President

Robust AI-powered pricing algorithms

Powerful ML models based on demand elasticity and principles of game theory,  to help you drive consistent pricing performance across categories.

Focused on strong data foundations

Algorithms founded on quality internal and external retail data, with AI models trained and tested for performance and accuracy.

Online, omnichannel, and brand solutions

Diverse retail solutions created for diverse retail channels, with capabilities built for online retail, brands, and omnichannel pricing strategies.

End-to-end support from retail experts

Deep needs analysis, implementation support, change management guidance, and long-term adoption and scaling assistance from experts.

Mature Saas commerce solutions

15+ years of development, testing, and execution experience condensed into retail tech solutions that drive your growth.

Outsmart and Outprice Competition

with FCC's Dynamic Pricing Engine