Assortment Intelligence

Optimize & plan inventories with unprecedented insights on market trends.
Assortment Intelligence

Find overlaps, fill in gaps

FCC’s assortment intelligence for a wholesome inventory.
With the FCC’s assortment of intelligence tools, you can gauge the markets to understand competition’s overlaps and selection gaps.

Plan, procure and price your assortment with our integrated suite of retail solutions for a greater advantage.

Salient features of FCC's Assortment Intelligence Tool

An Assortment tool that gives results and not just reports.
Understands overlaps with similar features

Understands overlaps with similar features

FCC’s retail intelligence models map comparable products and not just congruent features, giving you an all-encompassing report on competition’s inventory & pricing.

Suggests savvy pricing for profits

Coupled with the FCC’s pricing intelligence tools, Assortment Intelligence is a powerful tool that points out opportunities and capitalizes on them.
Integrates seamlessly

Integrates seamlessly

Fast adoption with easy integrations to connect with your online platform or offline warehousing softwares.
Reports gaps in selection

Reports gaps in selection

Quick reports on competitor inventories to help you fill in gaps in your own for procurement and planning purposes.

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Case Study

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for eCommerce players.

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Client: Electronics

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