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Augmented retail with Flipkart Commerce Cloud

Re-invent traditional retail practices with our retail-focused solutions. Build a strong data foundation, augment existing tech stacks, and operate seamlessly, online & offline.

Omnichannel Pricing Expertise :
solving for your needs

Factor in business economics, competitors, category dynamics & consumer demand to build a well-rounded pricing strategy.
Build a retail media ecosystem, with compliance on data. Include targeting on audience groups and behaviour, buying intent with an all format inclusive Ads' suite.
Drive-in revenues and profits with strategic inputs on your assortment, exclusive merchandise according to market trends & competition.
Build a competitive strategy to tackle competition online & offline with Flipkart Commerce Clouds - Competitive Intelligence that works for retailers on all channels.

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Case Study

Proven ads solution to increase profit margins
for eCommerce players.

Adopting AI-ML solutions for retail? Some factors to consider before you leap in.

Client: Electronics

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Shyam Unnikrishnan, BAIN

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Get the case study

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Leaders in Retail Media Category on G2. Judged the best advertising platform in Asia -Pacific.