FCC Pricing

End to end price management to deliver 3-8% better margins and 2-5% GMV improvement across categories.
AI-ML based Price Optimisation

Pricing solutions built for online retail, omnichannel & brands

   Automate & scale your pricing strategy.
   Use demand elasticity-based algorithms for optimizing margins & GMV.
   Scan for price & brand violations
  Optimize channel pricing & promotions using demand elasticity models
  Compare assortment, exposure & pricing to competitors’ offerings in the different channels
   Deploy and manage multi-channel pricing strategies from a central solution.
   Optimize margins and GMV using demand-elasticity for all channels

Guided by retail experts

Our team of experts will guide you through the process of implementation, change management, adoption & scaling up.

Mature SaaS solutions

We offer you the outcome of more than 14 years of experience in developing, testing, applying, & implementing our solutions with a vast number of retail & brand partners.

Emphasis on data foundation

Business insights are as good as the underlying data used to generate them. Leverage our expertise in gathering quality data from internal, as well as external sources. Store, cleanse, normalize & augment your data using our state of the art algorithms, to add value to your business.

Our AI-based price optimisation models for retailers & brands

FCC Pricing Manager

Pricing Optimiser

A pricing engine based on demand elasticity, employing our proprietary optimization algorithms that incorporate game theory with traditional statistical methods.

Dynamic Pricing

A powerful rule-based pricing engine, coupled with an elaborate insights & analysis tool, for implementing your optimal pricing strategy.

optimal pricing strategy.
SaaS for Retail Product Matching

Competitive Intelligence

Track any competitor, at scale, for any type of data available online, and augment your insights with custom-created metrics such as social and merchandizing scores.
Pricing with FCC's Solutions

Pricing with FCC's Solutions

Robust AI-based algorithms

Built and improved over 14 years, used internally by Flipkart & by dozens of leading retailers and brands worldwide.

Online, omnichannel & brand solutions

Diverse retail channels require diverse solutions. Whether you are an online/omnichannel retailer or a brand, we’ve got you covered.

End to End expert support

Our experts can assist you through the analysis of your needs, implementation, change management, and long term adoption & scaling.

Pricing Expertise Encapsulated in Algorithms

Don’t believe us without evidence, get a proof of concept from the FCC team.
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Case Study

Proven ads solution to increase profit margins
for eCommerce players.
Electronics retail technology

How Flipkart Commerce Cloud helped the largest electronic seller in Italy compete with an omnichannel pricing strategy.

Client: Electronics Retailer

What the experts say about AI in retail:

Shyam Unnikrishnan, BAIN

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Get the case study

We would need your email to share this case study.