Competitive Intelligence for Brands

Track all the products of your competitor brands and their demand across all channels

Competitive Intelligence for Brands

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An E2E Integrated Offering for a holistic Competitive Intelligence

Flipkart Commerce Cloud’s AI based smartest competition tracking tool not just collects, but gives a 360 degree analysis of all competitors of your brand across all sales channels

Competitive Pricing Intelligence

  • Compare competitor products across all e-commerce channels
  • Monitor pricing at customized predefined frequency throughout the day

Competitive Promotions Reporting

  • Track various promotional offerings for all the products of competition
  • Track the impact of offline promotions using dynamic labels in FCC Competitive Intelligence
Understands overlaps with similar features

Selection & Availability Intelligence

  • Leverage competitor’s data to identify selection gaps, and a winning product catalog
  • Automated grouping of products with AI and check pin-code level availability of competitor products
Access Ad-tech consult from experts

Ratings & Sentiment Analysis

  • Understand the user’s perception of the product by leveraging ratings of the products
  • Measure & compare brand performance by sentiment analysis of product reviews
Benchmark your selection with competition

Achieveing 95%+ accuracy in product matching with our proprietary ML tools & advanced image recognition

Identify new opportunities for market growth and penetration

Real time Scraping of multiple websites and Scaled Crawling of 10 Mn+ products using FCC Competitive Intelligence

Identify new trends to influence your product selection

Advanced ML Algorithms that enable intelligent product segmentation to make best retail decisions for brands

An E2E Integrated Offering

Competitive Insights for Brands to unlock greater opportunities

Competitive analysis with custom granularity

Unlock monetisation of your online assets, explore the instantly rewarding Display Ads format to begin your journey.

Smart Reporting with FCC's Pricing Tools

Time-sensitive reports and actionable insights are set as alerts and shared with brands as insights. Fill in the pricing strategy gaps with our smart reports.

CI for brands dashboards
AI generated selection &amp

AI generated selection & sentiment analysis

CI reports are used by brands to understand market trends in context of selection gaps, at width and demand depth.

And take informed decisions to improve the brand perception on both D2C and e-commerce channels through sentiment analysis.

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Proven ads solution to increase profit margins
for eCommerce players.

Adopting AI-ML solutions for retail? Some factors to consider before you leap in.

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