Dynamic Pricing Engine

Set your own rules & guardrails to get a bespoke pricing strategy
pricing strategy
Powerful & Personalized Pricing

Powerful & Personalized Pricing

Input: goals and guidelines.
Output : a prescriptive customized pricing strategy
The FCC’s dynamic pricing tool comes with a highly customisable rule engine that takes inputs in terms of targets and guardrails to tailor the best pricing strategy for your business.

This makes managing multiple categories and hundreds of thousands of SKUs easy, helping you to maximize margins and expand your market.

Salient features of FCC's Dynamic Pricing Engine

Improve your pricing strategy with FCC’s dynamic guiding intelligence

Deployed at scale

Trust an algorithm that has delivered results for retailers across millions of SKUs & hundreds of categories.
Output simulator for business cases

Output simulator for business cases

Simulate output based on business scenarios and application use cases to optimize strategy for best results.

Scaled Solution for Volume & Value

Scaled Solution for Volume & Value

Filter through volumes for most valuable categories and products for maximum business impact.

An End to End Pricing Solution

Couple with FCC’s pricing suite solutions for a holistic strategy based on markets, competition, demand and supply trends.

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Case Study

Proven ads solution to increase profit margins
for eCommerce players.

Adopting AI-ML solutions for retail? Some factors to consider before you leap in.

Client: Electronics

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Shyam Unnikrishnan, BAIN

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