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Retail Revolution: Why Your Success Demands Flipkart Commerce Cloud ?

We offer the 5 core essentials to build a world class e-Commerce / Marketplace Tech-Stack

1. User Management

➡ User login/sign-up modules

➡ Customer Support Portal

➡ Customer Loyalty Program Module

2. Seller Management

➡ Catalog Management System

➡ Seller Order Orchestration

➡ Seller Settlements

➡ Seller Intelligence Portal

3. Customer Experience

➡ Storefronts & Page Constructs

➡ Personalization & Recommendation

➡ Advanced Search & Browse Modules

➡ Rating, Reviews & FAQs

➡ CRM: In-App Marketing

4. Business Offerings

➡ Retail Media Monetization Solution

➡ Advanced Pricing & Promotions Engine

➡ Planning & Forecasting

➡ Gamification & Retention Modules

➡ Secure Payments & Checkout System

5. Supply Chain

➡ Order Management System

➡ Warehouse Management System

➡ 3P Logistics Handling Systems

➡ Inventorization

User Management Module

  Self-serve cockpit with high degree of autonomy for user &  Profile Management
  PII Data Security, compliant with stringent regulatory requirements

NLP powered chatbots, which will help us drive a two-way conversation with the customer, helping them refine their query or find an answer in an expedited manner

Elevate customer shopping experience and retention with our proven loyalty program module
  Improve the earn and spend capabilities of your customers with Flipkart SuperCoin Construct

Seller Management Module

Effortlessly generate, organize, and distribute bulk, publication-ready product catalogs across multiple categories

  Find gaps and inconsistencies in product data and update it for accuracy and relevancy for the high-quality and shopper-friendly product

  Take control of your order management: Automate real-time visibility into available, committed, and expected orders

  Set automatic workflows to ease the daily routine of working with sales, returns, and purchases

  Customize print templates: add & remove fields in your invoices, pick lists, etc.

  Experience a seamless, secure and smart payment management portal for sellers

   Track all your payments and reverse-payments with detailed accounting for each order in real time

➡  Lets all sellers uncover best-selling products, identify growth
opportunities, and understand customer preferences
to stay ahead of the competition

➡    Seller portal that helps sellers to improve product selection, product pricing with advanced AI based insights to grow on your marketplace

Customer Buying Portal

  Create content that is engaging & aesthetic for storefronts
Auto-Content Generation using ML for Brand & Category Pages for enhanced customer buying experience

  Intuitive design, personalized recommendations, smarter discovery experience
  Create different cohorts of users x content x ranking to deliver the best personalized and targeted recommendations

   Deploy and manage multi-channel pricing strategies from a central solution
   Optimize margins and GMV using demand-elasticity for all channels

➡  Rich review solicitation across pages
➡  Attribute level ratings & callouts via rich NLP models

➡  Fraudulent & Fake reviews detection.
➡    Complete FAQ module with maker-checker mechanism enabling genuine answers by certified buyers only

Advanced Business Offerings

Advanced Business Offerings

   Automate & scale your pricing strategy
   Use demand elasticity-based algorithms for optimizing margins & GMV

  Monetise every customer visit, Increase engagement with brands & drive conversions with FCC Ads Manager

Advance to customer context-based ads and convert searches & browses to revenue even before checkouts

  Build your own ads’ ecosystem at relatively fractional effort and investment

  Track all the products of your competitor brands and their demand across all channels
  With the FCC’s assortment of intelligence tools, you can gauge the markets to understand competition’s overlaps and selection gaps

➡    Augmented and Virtual Reality enablement for better decision making for customers leading to a better conversion rate
➡    Increase engagement and improve brand retention with intuitive Gamification and Video Commerce Modules

➡    One click, secure and verified checkout for an elevated customer buying experience
➡    Adopt the FCC Instant Checkout to witness a decrease in cart abandonment by 25%

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics

  Build a robust, reliable & efficient fulfilment network with automated warehouse management across multiple warehouses, distribution hubs and fulfilment centers

  Enable buyers to place & update orders seamlessly & interface with other systems

   Robust mediating systems to integrate with your 3rd party logistics partners for enabling scaled and seamless logistic management and order fulfilment

➡  Boost selection & speeds by placing the right inventory at the right place & time

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