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    Flipkart Commerce Cloud is a global enterprise intelligence solution provider for retailers and e-commerce businesses. Our solutions are built with Flipkart’s extensive knowledge of the e-commerce market, voluminous data from e-commerce events, and scale tested on billions of transactions. Founded in 2007, Flipkart dominates the Indian eCommerce space due to its hunger for innovation and deep expertise in the field of Retail & eCommerce. With Flipkart, you onboard, not just with technology but with technical expertise and consulting in Retail.

“Setting benchmarks for your retail space.”

Scaling up retail and eCommerce businesses is a real challenge, experts at Flipkart have built a successful business that has taken on Goliaths in the retail industry and emerged winners. Let’s build a winning strategy for you, together!

A Retail Success Story

The Flipkart Commerce Cloud

Don’t just digitalise, digitalise for growth & scale in commerce

400 Mn Addresses

Solutions for all channels

We offer offline, online and omnichannel expertise under one umbrella. Cover your entire retail value chain with one solution for E2E optimisation.
Enhanced Customer Experience

Consult the retail experts

With Flipkart Commerce Cloud, you onboard a fleet of consultants and retail experts in technology, business and strategy. We’ll handhold you through your journey to the top.

Solutions for brands & retailers

We offer solutions for brands & retailers, focused on the pain points specific to each use case. Our custom-built solutions tackle problems across business types.
One Click Checkout

Built for unprecedented scale

Flipkart Commerce Cloud’s solutions have been battle-tested on a platform with 300 Mn+ customers and hundreds and thousands of listings across FMCG, Fashion, beauty and all relevant categories.

The Team

Anand Lakshiminarayanan

Anand Lakshiminarayanan

Senior Vice President

Amos Peleg

Vice President

Praveen SNSS

Senior Director

Address - India

Tower 5A,5B,5C, Embassy Tech Village Rd, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560103
Call: 1800 202 9898

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