Flipkart's Competitive Intelligence for Brands

Be on the top of all your competitor’s pricing strategy with Flipkart Commerce Cloud’s (FCC) Competitive Intelligence:

Competitive Intelligence for Brands

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Complete guide to all reports we will generate with full dashboard view

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3 Steps to maximize your business with FCC Competitive Intelligence Software

1. Track & Monitor all the Competitor Pricings

2. Get Pricing Reports & Alerts in Real Time

Get Pricing Reports & Alerts in Real Time
Analyze & Optimize the Pricing Strategy

3. Analyze & Optimize the Pricing Strategy

Our Customers

Why limit yourself to only Price Tracking?
Track A-Z components of Competitor's Strategy

Don’t just limit your intelligence to Pricing, also monitor competitor’s Promotions, Product Availability and Rating-Reviews at SKU level across all channels with best in class FCC Competitive Intelligence Software

Why brands choose the FCC Competitive Intelligence ?

Product Matching

99% Product Matching Accuracy

Refresh Rate

5 Second Refresh Rate

High Scalability

Scalable to 100 MN+ Products

Custom Dashboard

Make 100s of Customized Dashboards

Plug & Play

Easiest & Quickest Integration

The Flipkart team is made up of retail professionals who are proactive and well-rounded in retail. A quick TAT, smart reporting & data delivery, speed of execution, & timely data insights & recommendations make it a great offering in pricing.



FCC's detailed reporting and wonderful services make the pricing tool a winner. We are very satisfied with the performance of FCC's Competitive Intelligence Tool for brands.



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Proven ads solution to increase profit margins
for eCommerce players.

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