Pricing Optimizer for Retailers & Brands

Pricing Optimizer for Retailers & Brands

Optimize margins & revenues across multiple categories and channels.

FCC Price Optimizer Software
facilitates Business Outcomes

Onboard Display Ads for instant revenue

+10% Profit Margins
+15% Revenue Uplift

Our retail clients have increased their revenue without losing on their profit margins

FCC’s pricing suite solutions

95% Accuracy in Pricing Predictions

FCC Price Optimizer can predict outcomes of various pricing strategies to make a robust, accurate and risk-free decision

Consult Experts to Evolve Continuously

Refresh Rates from
1 second onwards

With the customized refresh rates, you can stay on the top of your competitors’ price-points to formulate a winning strategy

Why is FCC Price Optimizer best in class?

FCC Pricing Manager

Self-Serve SaaS Architecture

The self-serving software empowers your team with drag & drop based configuration to gain control and align your business goals with pricing strategies with the flexibility to change them quickly.

SaaS Price Manager
AI-ML based Price Optimisation
FCC Selection Manager

AI-Powered Price Optimization

The AI based Price Optimizer is backed by state-of-the art ML models built by retail experts on quality retail data with an experience of 15+ years.

FCC Ads Manager

Price Optimization at any Scale & Complexity

FCC Price Optimizer is capable enough to manage optimal price-points of Millions of SKUs at any given point of time

Taking into account various elasticities, cross-product dependencies and demand patterns, FCC Price Optimizer can solve for any price complexity.

SaaS for Retail Product Matching

Salient features of FCC's Pricing
Optimization Tool

Manage micro parameters for macro impact on business.

Scale Tested Algorithms

Our scaled algorithm has delivered goodness for retailers across millions of SKUs across 100’s of categories.
Quality Retail Data

Built On Quality Retail Data

ML models built with quality retail data, trained & tested for higher performance and accuracy.

Fine Tuned Pricing Strategy

A demand elasticity-based price optimiser, that factored in state-wise changes for a tuned and accurate strategy.
FCC’s pricing suite solutions

An End to End Solution

Couple with FCC’s pricing suite solutions for complete strategy based on markets, competition, demand and supply trends.

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Case Study

Proven ads solution to increase profit margins
for eCommerce players.

Adopting AI-ML solutions for retail? Some factors to consider before you leap in.

Client: Electronics

Hear about us from big retail players.

Shyam Unnikrishnan, BAIN

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Get the case study

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