Electronics Retail Technology

Pricing Solutions For Consumer Electronics

Advanced AI Based Pricing Solutions For Omnichannel Electronics Retail

Download a comprehensive report showing How Electronic Retail Have Leveraged Advanced AI For Increased Toplines with Flipkart Commerce Cloud

Empower Consumer Electronics With Most Powerful Pricing Engines

End to end price management to deliver 3-8%▲ better margins and 2-5% ▲ GMV improvement across categories.

Dynamic Pricing

AI-based price optimisation models for retailers & brands

A powerful rule-based pricing engine, coupled with an elaborate insights & analysis tool, for implementing your optimal pricing strategy.

Pricing Optimizer

AI-based price optimisation models for retailers & brands

A pricing engine based on demand elasticity, employing our proprietary optimization algorithms that incorporate game theory with traditional statistical methods.

FCC Pricing Engines Drives Fashion Success


Uptick in profit margins


Uplift in Client’s Revenue


Accuracy in Pricing Predictions

1 Sec

Customized refresh rates starting from 1sec

Why is FCC Price Optimizer best in class?

FCC Pricing Manager

Self-Serve SaaS Architecture

The self-serving software empowers your team with drag & drop based configuration to gain control and align your business goals with pricing strategies with the flexibility to change them quickly.

SaaS Price Manager
AI-ML based Price Optimisation
FCC Selection Manager

AI-Powered Price Optimization

The AI based Price Optimizer is backed by state-of-the art ML models built by retail experts on quality retail data with an experience of 15+ years.

FCC Ads Manager

Price Optimization at any Scale & Complexity

FCC Price Optimizer is capable enough to manage optimal price-points of Millions of SKUs at any given point of time

Taking into account various elasticities, cross-product dependencies and demand patterns, FCC Price Optimizer can solve for any price complexity.

SaaS for Retail Product Matching

Case Study

Proven ads solution to increase profit margins
for eCommerce players.
Electronics retail technology

How Flipkart Commerce Cloud helped the largest electronic seller in Italy compete with an omnichannel pricing strategy.

Client: Fashion category manager

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Shyam Unnikrishnan, BAIN

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