Product Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence for Retailers and Brands

Factor in competition insights for a winning pricing strategy.

Competitive Insights for Greater Opportunity

FCC’s competitive intelligence to win the pricing game.
Analyze the competitive landscape by category, brand, or any other breakdown that suits your needs with our custom solution for tracking competitors.

Incorporate insights with urgency, generated by triggers and alerts within the solution for a better pricing strategy.

Unbeatable Competitive Scraping for Competitive Analysis

Team of Scientists & Specialists with 15+ Years of Retail Innovation Experience.

Accurate Product Matching

Get a 99% accuracy to match and compare your products with similar or exact competitor products across channels and geographies

400 Mn Addresses

Scraping of

FCC’s best in class algorithm scrapes any competitive pricing data across all retail channels, scraping millions of SKUs at a time

Consult Experts to Evolve Continuously

Custom & Frequent Refresh Rates

Schedule as well as customize the refresh rates to scrape competitive data even at frequency rates starting from minutes to weeks

Salient features of FCC's Competitive Intelligence Tool

The smartest CI tool that will help you outclass your competition.
Fuzzy Matching Algorithm

Fuzzy Matching Algorithm

Best in class Matching capabilities that look at entire product including images, description to deliver exact match and next best product match.
Custom fit & built for flexibility

Custom fit & built for flexibility

Highly customisable tools to cater to business-specific needs of retailers & brands for category-wise planning and multi-channel sales.
Quick & easy Integrations

Quick & easy Integrations

Fast adoption with easy integrations to connect with your online platform or offline warehousing softwares
Easily Configurable Reports

Easily Configurable Reports

All information, current or historical, is available for you in easily configurable reports — to help you drive optimal pricing decisions.

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Case Study

Proven ads solution to increase profit margins
for eCommerce players.

Learn How Italy's Largest electronics retailer benefited from our pricing solutions.

Client Category: Electronics

Experts Speak : AI/ML for retail

Shyam Unnikrishnan, BAIN

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